We can help you

  • Accelerate with the CC Pool System
  • Optimize your supply chain
  • Simplify your logistics
  • Reduce your capital investment
  • With industry expertise
  • Benefit from our international network

What we do

Container Centralen is the inventor of the CC Pool System, the biggest Returnable Transport Item (RTI) pooling system in the European and US flower and pot plant industry. This leading logistics solution moves goods quickly by circulating RTIs – wheeled containers and pallets, trolleys, crates, and other load carriers – from producer via wholesalers or cross dock locations to point of sale and back again. The CC Pool System is a simple but significant contributor to reducing delivery times and lowering costs as it eliminates the need to unload and restack containers as they move through the supply chain. The transport item can also be used for in-store presentation.

At Container Centralen we:

  • Operate and administer the CC Pool System on behalf of all our clients.
  • Purchase and hire out CC products to pool members.
  • Administer and protect system rights for everyone in the pool.
  • Develop innovative products and provide reliable maintenance through rapid repair services.
  • Operate CC Management Services that help you optimize your supply chain.
The advanced supply chain management concept that underpins the horticultural CC Pool System is being increasingly adopted in other industries and market sectors. These include supermarkets, food and drink retail, home improvement, and many more.

Our smart supply chain management services are open to any kind of returnable transport item (a crate, container or other load carrier). In addition we offer a range of solutions and help customers to combine items to create the best results for everyone in their chain. These solutions, employing smart technologies like RFID tagging, include Backyard Management (Return Service) and Supply Chain Management. The former manages returnable transport item balances between retailers and suppliers. The latter adds active container stock management capabilities. These are managed by Container Centralen, so you can concentrate on your core business. Finally we offer Rental Services that ensure you can always get the kind of returnable transport item you need when you need it.

Employing smart technologies enables us to combine balances and stock information in our planning system. In this way we actively manage the demand and supply of empty returnable transport items for your benefit.
  • The CC Transfer Service saves you time, transport costs, and administration by letting you reassign or “virtually move” empty containers and crates from one CC Depot to another, anywhere in Europe. From where you no longer need them to where you do.
  • The CC Collection Service organizes the return transport of empty items for you. As soon as your returnable transport items are ready for pick up, we collect your empty CC returnable transport items and move them to the nearest CC Depot, where we credit them to your CC account.
  • The CC One-Way Service helps you create a one-way supply chain so you can successfully do business with companies whose orders are one-time or irregular. This pay-as-you-go service eliminates the need for you to make any kind of long term investment or commitment. We organize the return of our returnable transport items and the administrative side. You get flexibility and easy-to-organize additional cover.
We offer two hire options to help you manage and reduce your logistics-related capital expenditure:

  • Short term hire: This can range from 4 weeks to 12 months and you can hire extra returnable transport items on the same terms to cover you during peak periods. Based on your planning, we make sure that we always have enough on stock to meet demand.
  • Long term hire: Under this plan you pay a one-time fee that covers your long-term returnable transport item needs, and an annual pool service charge that covers the use of CC services such as repairs and maintenance.
  • Container Centralen has its roots in the horticultural industry. We were founded as a collaborative venture between Danish flower and pot plant exporters, who laid the foundation for what would become the famous CC Pool System.From the beginning, more than 30 years ago, we have expanded into other industries and market segments, applying both what we know and what we learn. Today we serve leaders in supermarket retail and brewing and food manufacturing, home improvement, and beyond. With logistics becoming an increasingly crucial differentiator in a growing number of industries, we find that more and more companies are asking us to extend our pool concept, product offering and support services to their line of business. And maybe yours? We are based in Europe, where we have over 50 depots, and have a sister company in the USA. Altogether we support the logistical operations of more than 20,000 customers in 40 countries around the world. From our CC Depots locations we ship returnable transport items to customers and accept their returns – crates and containers for transfer within Europe, repairs, or hand ins at the end of a contract. Our 1:1 Exchange Service provides complete peace-of-mind and is included in all CC contracts. Should a CC returnable transport item be broken or damaged, you can immediately swap it for a good one at CC depot location. This fast 1:1 exchange minimizes disruption to your operations should there be a problem with one of our containers.

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