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Who we are

We are the market leader in horticultural and retail logistics.

We commit. We share. We simplify.
Container Centralen A/S established the CC Pool System and CC Containers that improve efficiency in horticultural, retail, and other industries in which fast logistics are crucial.

Our goal is to continuously improve supply chains by moving products more efficiently. We do this by integrating returnable transport items (RTIs) into supply chains and managing their rotation throughout a multi-client pool. In doing this we take into account the interests of retailers, consumers, and suppliers.

Our strong desire to continually improve supply chains is embedded in our three core values. We commit. We share. We simplify.


Close to our customers worldwide

Container Centralen serves our European customers via two businesses:

  • Supply Chain Management Services, through which we add services so that you can concentrate on your core business.
  • Rental Services that provide you with the items you need for your business.

We are based in Europe, where we have over 50 depots, and our head office is in the Netherlands. We also have a sister company in the USA. In total we support the logistical operations of more than 20,000 customers in 40 countries around the world.

Container Centralen is 50% owned  by the Danish GASA BØG, one of Europe's leading exporter of flowers and plants, and 50% by VGB, the Dutch trade association of wholesale business in flowers and plants.

Our history

The original CC flower container

Container Centralen (CC) was founded in 1976 as a collaborative venture between Danish flower and pot plant exporters. In 1980 the first Dutch exporters joined the CC Pool System. In 1989 VGB – the Dutch union of flower wholesalers – acquired part of CC and CC became a limited company registered in Denmark. The CC Container became the established standard for the transport and presentation of flowers and plants in Europe.



CC was founded as cooperation between Danish flower and pot plants exporters


100,000 CC Containers in the CC Pool System and also growing interest in the system from other markets


First labelling operation – CC Containers provided identification sign in order to detect illegal copies in CC Pool System


VGB joins owning 50% of the company and CC Container volume rises to 250,000


Interest from the market is rocketing and the system operates with more than 500,000 CC Containers


Container Centralen Ltd. is established


Container Centralen s.a.r.l. is established


CC Eurocontainer is introduced – trolleys produced to “European standard dimensions”


CC Freshbox system is introduced in cooperation with retail trade


1 Million of CC Containers in the CC Pool System that now is being used throught Europe


Container Centralen B.V. is established


Container Centralen GmbH is established


Container Centralen Polska sp. z o.o. is established – CC activities now rapidly spread into Poland and rest of Central Europe


Operation Fair Play – introduction of black padlock


Container Centralen Inc. is established as CC expands activities to North America


CC Euro Dolly launch – a rolling ¼ pallet with RFID


Container Centralen Ibérica S.L. and Container Centralen Italia S.r.l. are established


Operation Chip It – 3,5 Million CC Containers are now labelled with RFID chips


Container Centralen moves head office activities to the Netherlands

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