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Container Centralen starts market consultation on how to implement the new shelf

Hoofddorp, December 5, 2016

As of today, Container Centralen starts its market consultation on how to best implement its new shelf CC Solid. For this the website is now live. Visitors can find here all relevant information on CC Solid, the problems this new shelf solves and the 2 scenarios for implementation.

CC Solid is made of 100% recyclable steel and is more resistant to water and dirt than wooden shelves. It is more durable and sustainable and has a lower need for repair. The new shelf is a solution to the problem of rising repair costs of wooden shelves.

Based on market feedback Container Centralen designed 2 implementation scenarios:

Scenario A: CC Solid can in due course substitute the current wooden shelves in the market.
In this scenario customers can keep the wooden shelves, except the ones under STH contracts. In the first 5 years we will make 20% of a customer’s contracted wooden shelf volume per year available in CC Solids. Customers can use this to replace non-functional shelves. We will stop repairing wooden shelves, while all other services continue. We will add CC Solids to the CC pool under a LTH contract. The annual pool fee will remain the same and there is no surcharge. If a customer wants to enlarge its contract shelf volume, a step-in fee of €2.50 per CC Solid is due.

Scenario B: CC Solid co-exists with wooden shelves.
As CC Solid co-exists with wooden shelves in this scenario, we continue our service of wooden shelves. Only the repair service changes. We will continue repairing wooden shelves, but there will be an annual repair quota. In the first year we will repair wooden shelves to a maximum of 40% of a customer’s contract volume. In the second year this will be lowered to 20%. Beyond this quota, a repair charge per shelf is due. CC Solids will be made available to interested CC customers under LTH or STH contracts. Pricing of new LTH contracts will be set at market prices.

In order to select the scenario with the largest support within the horticulture sector, we now start our market consultation. In this three-month period we organise meetings with customers and road shows to discuss the product specifications of CC Solid and the best option for implementation. “All companies, small and large, can join the discussion”, says Roel de Jong, CEO of Container Centralen. “Either via these consultation sessions or via the website which contains all relevant information and an easy way to give feedback.”

“We will consider all feedback thoroughly and eventually use this to connect the implementation best to customer needs”, De Jong continues. “Based on all feedback provided, we will decide in March 2017 which of the two implementation options we choose. This will be the option with the most support within the horticulture sector, which also in the future will secure the quality, exchangeability and availability of shelves and containers in the CC pool.”

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