How our clients benefit

The service provided by Container Centralen for the Tesco One Way Service has been professional and efficient. We are a significant user of trolleys and Container Centralen have made available equipment for every request we have made. We provide Container Centralen with a plan of our future requirements but even if these change they have been able to respond. As long as we can recover our costs for the trip then this is the best system for handling trolleys for all parties involved.

— Simon Esdale, Butters Group Ltd

Winchester Growers have used the CC One Way Service for 5 years and we have never had any availability issues for our CC Container orders. Through close communication and using forecast data CC ensure our trolley requirements are met. The service is very simple, when we need trolleys we ask CC and once they are despatched we have peace of mind knowing we don’t have to worry about trolley returns or losses.

— Antoine Snoek, Winchester Growers Ltd.

We use CC Services to simplify our horticulture supply chain.

— David Fryer, Tesco UK

With their CC Containers, CC is an operator making it possible to optimize our logistical process.

— Karine Boutet, René Briand, Val d'Or, France

Container Centralen allows us to stack our Jeunes Plants efficiently, to reduce the loss of packing material and to organize our logistics as efficiently as possible.

— Jean-Pierre Derouet, Graines Voltz, France

The CC Container is easy to use, reliable and strong. Practical exchange, the maintenance of the CC Pool is always perfect. The only equipment we accept to deliver our plants!

— Michel Barrault, Maison Barrault, France

CC enables a very practical assistance, as well as a follow-up at any moment on the balance of our material and on the history of movements of our CC Containers.

— Claudie Berrou, Kerisnel, France

We have been working with CC since 1996, we have been following the company in all its changes and growth supporting also the RFID tag. Extremely usefull for our activities are the tranfer service and the chance to have direct access to our account.

— Flora Toscana, Italy

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