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The CC Pool System and CC Pool Management Services are two highly efficient choices for moving goods in standard sized ‘returnable transport items’ – wheeled containers and pallets, trolleys, crates, and other load carriers. From producer via wholesalers or cross dock locations to point of sale and back again, with no unpacking or other costly handling steps along the way. The CC Pool System is open to any user that works with CC Containers. CC Pool Management Services are dedicated to optimizing your supply chain, saving you costs and protecting the value of your assets. These services are tailor-made in line with your wishes and needs.

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CC Pool System

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RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification, is an established technology for tracking the movement of all kinds of goods and products. A small chip – a tag – placed on or in an item emits radio waves that can be read by a scanner. Container Centralen has equipped 3.5 million CC containers with RFID chips.

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