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Non-functional CC transport items can be exchanged at any  CC Depot  as part of our 1:1 Exchange service. This means that you will receive a fully functional replacement at the same time as returning non-functional item goes into the depot. The exchange  should be booked at least 24 hours in advance by yourself on LogLink or by your local CC contact person.  LogLink or our staff member will generate a  reference number for you, which you need to inform the depot upon arrival and is all you need to make the exchange.The depot will then be able to service you immediately. Some depots need you to book a timeslot. Please refer to the intructions provided on LogLink or by your CC contact person.  There is no need to contact a depot directly. You can exchange CC items wherever you need to, however please note that the exchange of some CC items is limited by a Repair Quota Volume (e.g., the CC Container  Shelf). If applicable, the Repair Volume Quota is shown on your LogLink account. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a technology that uses radio waves to transmit data and so makes it possible to give any item a unique identification code. This system makes it possible to scan our Red Padlocks at a greater distance, and to scan multiple tags at the same time. The main reason we use RFID technology is to prevent low-quality containers from entering our pool. Thanks to RFID, we can ensure our customers that they are part of a fair system in which there are no freeloaders, and maintain the quality of our products at the high level you expect. Do not worry if your Red RFID padlock breaks - as long as it is a genuine original, we will exchange it.  If you want to make sure that your padlocks are genuine and not fake, you can do so by buying an RFID scanner. For more information please contact your CC local office. A depot transfer is a virtual movement of CC items on stock from one depot to another. The CC Depot Transfer Service makes your CC items on contract available for collection at any requested depot when you need them. This service lowers the transportation costs for you when providing your customers with a one-way-delivery. When the delivery has been made with your customer the empty CC items can be handed back to the nearest depot and virtually transported back to your local depot immediately, creating a positive balance for you to collect. You also have the option to transfer your positive balance to any of your business partners, making the CC items available for their collection. It is also possible to book the items onto a Flora Holland or Landgard account. For prices and availability, please contact your local CC contact person. LogLink is Container Centralen's online portal, specially developed to serve the logistical needs of CC users and CC divisions. No one outside the CC Pool System has access to this system and it is solely operated by staff members of Container Centralen and CC users.

In order to check your balance or make any bookings in LogLink you need your userid and password. These can be provided to you by your local CC contactperson.
  • Check the balance of your account
  • Book your return or exchange
  • Check the history of your returnable transport items' movements
  • Check your current Repair Volume Quota
  • Transfer the Repair Volume Quota to another party

If you have any questions regarding your login details, or if your account is blocked, please do not hesitate to contact your local office.
To find the nearest depot, please use our depot map below: . You don't need to contact a depot directly. For all transactions, we can prepare a reference number/booking number for you, which is all you need to return, collect, or exchange your transport items. You can organize returns and exchanges yourself via your LogLink account. Please do note that a depot should not be used as a storage facility, so please include the reason for any return. CC rental conditions will be stated in the contract provided to you. Should you have any questions to this or need a copy, please contact your local CC contactperson.

CC items are available for lease and sale. However, sales contract include a service contract with CC for repair and maintenance of the CC items on contract.

We offer several types of lease contracts. If you want to know which one that matches your needs best, you are welcome to contact us and discuss your options.

Most common types of contract:
  • Short-term hire
  • Long-term hire
  • Repair and maintanace
  • Sales (with service)
  • Pool Usage

Whether you already know what you need or not, please fill in the quotation form and our coordinator will contact you to prepare the right contract for you, explain the terms and conditions, and inform you about our current price list. After receiving the signed contract and payment confirmation, your transport items will be made available for collection at your nearest depot.
The CC Pool System is an international network that makes it easier to distribute your products all over the world.
Our system gives you the ability to easily exchange returnable transport items. Through a widespread international CC Depot network, you can turn in empty CC returnable transport items at one depot, and collect the corresponding (or requried RTIs at another depot, for a modest transfer fee. In this way, a company can reduce the total number of units in use in its supply chain, and keep administration to a minimum. To ensure our RTIs are always in a good and usable condition, we charge an annual Pool Fee. The Pool Fee covers repair or replacement of non-functional RTIs on a 1:1 basis. CC receives the damaged transport items and immediately supplies replacements. This means that you don't have to wait to get working RTI. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to join the pool.

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